Asus Zenbook Flip S Ux370Ua (I5, 256 Gb, Fhd) Convertible Review

The Zenbook Flip S has a great screen, great audio, và a not-great lifespan.

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The chassis & lid are made of aluminum alloy.

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Like other ZenBooks, this one has a fold-under hinge that can lift the keyboard deông xã slightly off your desk. Unlượt thích some hinges with this design, this one is very slight — I didn’t feel it digging inlớn my legs while using the device on my lap. Asus says the hinge is “durability tested” for over 20,000 open / close cycles, and it feels sturdy enough.

Form transitions weren’t always seamless, though. The ZenBook sometimes attempted lớn switch to tablet mode when I was tilting it slightly to lớn the side (in the laptop position). When I’d tilt it bachồng upright, my windows wouldn’t all snap baông chồng to lớn the same positions I’d had them in before.

Occasionally, the screen also didn’t switch out of tablet mode after I swiveled it from the tablet khổng lồ the laptop position, and I’d have to lớn redo the transition. This is an issue you’ll sometimes have sầu with Windows 2-in-1s — it’s not chất lượng to the Flip — but it can be a headađậy nonetheless.

Elsewhere, Asus has added an edge-to-edge keyboard và squeezed an extra column of keys onto the right side that includes Home, Page Up, Page Down, and End. (HP’s Spectres and Envys have a similar row). The keyboard is an absolute highlight for me — it is comfortable and quiet with a ton of travel, & I make significantly fewer errors typing on it than I normally vì chưng. That said, I have very small fingers, and folks with larger hands sometimes find this kind of layout a bit cramped.

Each Thunderbolt 4 supports up lớn 40Gbps data bandwidth.

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Like other modern ZenBooks, the Flip S comes with Asus’ NumberPad 2.0. When you tap a tiny inhỏ in the top right corner of the touchpad, an LED touch-based numpad pops up. (Swiping down from the top left corner also brings up the calculator app, which is handy.) The numpad works really well, and you can also use the touchpad lớn navigate & cliông chồng around while it’s up — the ZenBook never mistook my swipes for number inputs or vice versa. It’s worth noting that the touchpad isn’t quite as comfortable of a location for data entry work as the right side of the keyboard, but it’s still the closest thing you’ll get to lớn a numpad on a máy tính of this form size.

The port selection is fine, except that there’s no tai nghe jaông xã. Hãng Asus says it removed that in the name of thinness, & the Flip does ship with a dongle. But plenty of the ZenBook’s competitors (including the OLED Spectre x360, which is only a tiny bit thicker) have been able khổng lồ squeeze one in. It’s also missing a microSD slot, which the Spectre also has. Apart from that, there’s an HDXiaoMi MI port, two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports, and one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A. The laptop also supports Wi-Fi 6 và Bluetooth 5.0 — no LTE.

So all in all, a nice display in a nice form factor. What’s the catch? It’s battery life. The ZenBook Flip S comes with a 67Wh battery, which is huge for a 13-incher — and I’m not sure it would be usable with a much smaller tank. With my usual office workflow và brightness around 200 nits, I got just five hours và 15 minutes. Sure, you’ll probably get a better result if you set the screen khổng lồ 1080p — but if you’re going to be doing that regularly, save sầu your money & get a 1080p screen.

The keyboard has a 19.05mm pitch and 1.4mm of key travel. The Flip does charge up decently fast, though. My unit took 54 minutes & 29 seconds to get up khổng lồ a 60 percent charge (during very light Chrome use on the Battery Saver profile).

The second compromise is on power. The Flip S is one of the first systems to lớn be certified through Intel’s Evo platform, which is like Project Athena for the Tiger Lake generation. The Evo brvà is meant to lớn certify that a máy tính xách tay provides a number of benefits customers want, including all-day battery life, quick wake time, fast charging, Wi-Fi 6, và Thunderbolt 4.

The Flip S comes with a quad-core bộ vi xử lý Core i7-1165G7 with Xe integrated graphics, in addition khổng lồ 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD (to my relief, it didn’t come loaded with McAfee or any other nonsense). Note, though, that this is a fairly low-power implementation of the 1165G7 — and in synthetic benchmarks, many reviewers have seen the chip fall behind its 10th-generation predecessors.