Lỗi The Setup Files Are Corrupted. Please Obtain A New Copy Of The Program

Whenever i open my pc,there is a message that "The cài đặt files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program". But i don"t know which setup files are corrupted. how lớn resolve sầu it?


You question is not very clear so I am going to lớn take a stab in the dark.

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I assume this is when you start your computer up and is showing a message on the screen. If you can cliông xã ok or cancel và then use the computer as usual it is likely a third party application. You could disable và enable each one to work out which it is if it gives you no clues.

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Press the windows key và r together, or find "Run" in the start menu, type msconfig và press enterunder services tick hide all Microsoft services and then disableeverything else (apart from your AV) under startup cliông chồng open in taskmanager và mix everything to lớn disable restart and see if you stillget the message

If you don"t enable a few at a time till you get the error again



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