Exinity Limited वित्‍तीय फाईनेंशियल कमीशन का सदस्‍य है,जो फॉरेक्‍स मार्केट की फाइनेंशियल सर्विसेज इंडस्‍ट्री में विवादों का निपटारा करने वाला अंतर्राष्‍ट्रीय संगठन है।

Diagram of Tradeview Forex Liquidity

CuilAssist Is Providing Effective Outsourcing Solution For Forex Brokers Across The World

November 16: Forex trading is one of the most growing industries. Today the turnover of Forex Market is approx. $7 trillion per day, which is almost 10% of the global GDP. This market has so much potential that studies show a dedicated forex day trader can make up to 5%-15% per month if he uses a decent strategy and leverage. Aside from dedicated trades, it has become a good work From Home income solution for those who want to make some extra money alongside their regular 9-5 job.

“As we got deeper into the industry, we noticed that a lot of brokers are not able to survive for long because of poor customer experience,” says Verma. Customer Service is the key फॉरेक्स ब्रोकर्स ingredient of any successful Forex Brokerage. If you ask today any big forex broker what is the secret of their success, they will say their customer. “The reason to start CuilAssist is to provide economic business process outsourcing to Forex Brokers to help them stand aside in the competition” Verma continues. In this way, they are helping Brokers manage their overall business journey right from starting the brokerage to providing best-in-class outsourcing support.

How Forex works: brokers, liquidity, volatility

Forex is an abbreviation of FOReign EXchange. It describes the conversion of one currency into another currency, and also refers to the global financial market, where currencies are traded online around the clock. There is a misconception that to start trading Forex you need either be a millionaire or Harvard graduate. Let’s dispel it. Thousands of people buy and sell currencies without notice while professional traders consciously benefit from it. Think about when you’ve travelled abroad on holiday. To pay for local goods and services you needed to exchange your money. If while you were on holiday the unemployment rate in the US fell and the dollar increased in value by 5%, then when you exchanged your surplus foreign currency back, you’d make a 5% profit in your local currency. In this way you’ve earned on a difference of currency rates by buying and selling currencies. The same process applies even with corporations. For example, फॉरेक्स ब्रोकर्स an American company needs to buy machinery in Germany. To pay for them they need to obtain the local currency first, just like you do when going on holiday. The only difference is that companies exchange much larger amounts and create supply and demand on a particular currency. Supply and demand can move market prices. When the world needs more euros, the price of the euro increases, and when there are too many dollars circulating, the price drops. To balance the market, central banks regulate the overall volume of their national currencies by adjusting the refinancing rate. That's why traders constantly monitor world news.

Meet a broker

A broker is an intermediary between traders and other Forex market players. OctaFX broker helps people to enter the market with smaller amounts of currency. OctaFX provides its traders with the most beneficial quotes by combining price quotations from several market participants and liquidity providers. That is possible because of electronic communications network (ECN) technology. Such networks allow instant order execution, cooperation with trading platforms, automated trading processes and secure transactions. OctaFX provides you with a leverage which allows you to multiply your profit. With up-to-date trading apps you can trade online 24/5, and from anywhere you wish.

If you look फॉरेक्स ब्रोकर्स at the EURUSD chart, you can see that the price of the euro against the dollar is constantly changing. Economic news and market events influence the price all the time. Assume you know in advance that according to the ‘National Statistics Service report’ the unemployment rate in Europe has decreased, then the price of the euro will increase and you should buy euros. Or if you know that due to the latest records of ‘Statistics Portugal’ there is a deficit in the trade balance and that फॉरेक्स ब्रोकर्स will make the value of euro fall, you should sell your euros.

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फॉरेक्स टाइम लिमिटेड (www.forextime.com/eu) साइप्रस प्रतिभूति एवं विनिमय आयोग द्वारा विनियमित है, जिसका CIF लाइसेंस नंबर है 185/12, तथा यह दक्षिण अफ्रीका के फाइनेंशियल सेक्टर कंडक्ट अथॉरिटी (FSCA) द्वारा लाइसेंस प्राप्त है और इसका FSP नंबर 46614 है। यह कंपनी यू‍के के फाइनेंशियल कंडक्ट अथॉरिटी के साथ रजिस्टर्ड है, जिसका नंबर 600475 है।

ForexTime (www.forextime.com/uk) फाईनेंशियल कंडक्ट अथॉरिटी द्वारा लाइसेंस नंबर 777911 के अंतर्गत अधिकृत और विनियमित है।

Exinity Limited (www.forextime.com) मॉरीशस गणराज्य के वित्तीय सेवा आयोग द्वारा विनियमित निवेश डीलर है, जिसकी लाइसेंस संख्या C113012295 है।

कार्ड ट्रांजेक्‍शन एफटी ग्लोबल सर्विसेज लिमिटेड, रजिस्‍टर्ड नंबर HE 335426 और रजिस्‍टर्ड पता Ioannis Stylianou, 6, Floor 2, Flat 202 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus के माध्यम से प्रोसेस किए जाते हैं। कार्डधारक के पत्राचार के लिए पता: [email protected] व्‍यवसाय के स्थान का पता: FXTM Tower, 35 Lamprou Konstantara, Kato Polemidia, 4156, Limassol, Cyprus.

Tradeview विदेशी मुद्रा के लाभ

द्वारा बेस्ट ट्रेडर ब्रोकर्स पर 9 सितंबर, 2019

Introduction to Tradeview Forex

We recently updated our detailed review of Tradeview Forex, also known as Tradeview Markets. The review focuses on what it’s like to trade with the broker. In the review, you can find information about regulation, deposit methods, trading conditions, trading platforms and other important factors. But we thought we could say even more. And that’s what this article is about.

One of the major value propositions from Tradeview Markets is their Innovative Liquidity Connector. This is both a feature and an account type they offer on cTrader and their other platforms. With the Innovative Liquidity Connector account type, you get the tightest spreads and best execution. This is because Tradeview connects to over 40 Liquidity Providers which means they aggregate quotes from many different sources to get the best and tightest bid/ask spread which is in a lot of cases 0.0. Additionally, the technology used to execute orders will split the orders across different venues फॉरेक्स ब्रोकर्स which means more volume is available at the best prices.


While sports sponsorships aren’t a telling sign of how reliable a specific forex brokers trading conditions and services are, Tradeview has a firm opinion on sports sponsorships. It states on their website (*cough FxPro, *cough).

No Gimmicks, No Ridiculous Promotions, No Formula 1 Racecar Sponsorship JUST SERIOUS TRADING with the Best conditions in the industry.

The company doesn’t totally distance itself from sports sponsorships but chooses to support small regional rugby teams. Presumably more as a corporate social responsibility activity as opposed to getting major exposure.

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